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Simple Pricing

Everyone wants to know what BestIn.Bz costs so we are making it very simple:

BestIn.Bz is FREE for company’s, bloggers, authors and non-profits!

That’s right. If your web site is using one of the popular content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc., just download our plugin, then install and activate. You will be asked a few questions to classify your web site the first time. That’s all.

If you own a portal, or want to manage a portal, charges $1,000 per year plus 7% of your income.

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We charge an annual fee to keep people from “parking” domains and never using them. You have to make at least $50K per year to keep receiving BestIn.Bz content. Every 3 months, tell us how much money you made and send us a check for 7%. We’ll help you make money as long as you are the subject matter expert and really add value to the community supporting your Portal.

We have a passion for an open and free internet. We build our patent-pending software into open source (free) content management systems. We stop people from locking up domains names for reselling them at a huge profit someday. We replace the SEO industry with one of Portal Operators – people who make money because they add value to a group of web site owners.

BestIn.Bz really is simple.