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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a waste of money.  Google, Yahoo, Bing all use special processes to determine two points:

1. What you content is about

In our opinion SEO is a waste of your money. Many small businesses are paying or have paid for SEO and like most of our clients, you are getting very little from your investment. Ineffective SEO is cheaper than hiring sales people and great SEO is too expensive.

You can continue being dependent on SEO or you can support BestIn.BZ and stop the big search engines from running your business.

You’ve heard of “tags” and “meta data” which are the core of SEO. The define your content in general terms and yes it does explain to search engines the general concept of your documents.But putting tags on every document and every picture is time consuming and adds to your expense of operating a web site. BestIn.Bz allows you to create these tags from predefined classifications ONE TIME. You define the tags for your web site and have the option of making changes on each document.

For example: everything on your web site may be defined as a Wood Manufacturer. But your Catalog, Pricing, Events would have tags specific to their classification. This reduces the time you spend on preparing each document and it enhances the readers ability to quickly get the type of content they want.

2. Who will want to read your content

If you have placed all your tags (meta data) correctly you sit and wait for someone to search for those same tags on a search engine. Then when the search occurs, you have to hope the search engine’s algorithms determine your content is good enough for the reader.  Traditional search engines have always use “pull” technology. They send out software robots (called Bots or Spiders) to read every web site and every page on every web site. They send the tags they find back to central servers and apply their magic math. BestIn.Bz does it different and better. BestIn.Bz has a patent-pending technology that “pushes” your content to portals designed for your specific audience. (A “Portal” is different than a web site; a web site contains content from one source (i.e., company) and a Portal contains content from multiple sources.) Bestin.Bz allows content to be created by you and distributed to any number of Portals.

Using the same example as above, the Wood Manufacturer, BestIn.Bz pushes your content to all Portals distributing content about Wood manufacturing. This could be BestInWood,com,,, etc. Each portal attracts different people looking for similar content but re-purposed for different reason.

BestIn.Bz changes the way the world thinks of searching. Instead of trying to figure out what words someone will use in a search engine, spend the time creating content. Keep your web site fresh and BestIn.Bz turns small businesses BIG.


(Click here for the Wikipedia on SEO.)