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No Secrets

Do you know how search engines determine if you content is on the first page?

Probably not. But there’s good chance many of you have paid someone who says they do. And they may be correct – on any given moment.

When the bots or spiders return from searching web sites, the central servers go to work apply secret math. Here’s a simple diagram from Wikipedia:


Simple – right? And this is only for Page Rank. There’s more math for Relevancy and Popularity and, and, and… So when someone types search words into a search engine, all this math is combined to determine IF YOUR CONTENT IS PRESENTED.

The entire SEO industry is making billions of dollars each year convincing you they can make you first. And they probably can except the search engines always change their math. What worked at 10:16 am on 6/6/14 probably won’t work on 11:16 on 6/6/14.

Is this how you should run your business? Do you want to spend your time and money creating content when someone else decides who can view it?

BestIn.Bz doesn’t think so. We believe in an open internet where BIG business doesn’t have the power to stop your business from growing. Big search may think you business is not popular so they don’t show your content. But how can you become popular?

BestIn.Bz gives you control.