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BestIn.Bz is for the Best In Business. We’re all here to provide value to each other, not Google, Microsoft and all the other “Big Search Engines”. Our focus is to support each other and to profit from each other. We believe in collaboration to strengthen each other!

BestIn.Bz is patent-pending technology that changes the way search engines work. Today every business, author, blogger, and non-profit has the same challenge –

You need a web presence but the cost doesn’t generate a viable return on your investment.

You want to grow your business but haven’t found a cost effective method of attracting new customers.

BestIn.Bz makes it simple. Install our plugin into your content manager (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.). Classify your web site (tell us what industry you are in) and we do the rest. Every time you save a document BestIn.Bz automatically sends your content to the right audience.

There’s only one secret to getting top placement in BestIn.Bz portals and we’re making it public! (If you can’t find something to write about, then you probably need our help.)

Keep your web site fresh. Write about your business, products and events. The most recent document will always be on top.

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